About LateTax.com
Why Choose Our Services?

At LateTax.com, we offer a money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Our tax professionals are knowledgeable and keep constantly abreast of the delicate nuances and changes in tax law. Our online program is routinely monitored to factor in these changes. We also review our online program regularly based on customer comments so that we can offer a smooth and enjoyable tax filing experience. We pride ourselves on the comprehensiveness of our questionnaire and service that ensures that you receive the maximum possible refund.

LateTax.com offers state of the art tax preparation software. We are a one-stop shop for filing of federal as well as state taxes. While there are many companies offering similar services, we pride ourselves on the ease of use as well as the individual attention that we provide our customers. Most all companies out there simply let you go about self-filing your return on your own as if somehow by GPS, a computer software program will help you reach your destination with all your credits and deductions magically added to your tax return.

You surely do reach the end of your tax return, but without the live tax advice that LateTax can offer you, you may be missing out on credits or deductions that might have been available to you.
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