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Our Prices
Federal tax return preparation $39.95
Federal and State tax return preparation $54.95
State-only tax return preparation $30.99
Professional Review $21.95
Audit Protection $19.95
Hard copy of your tax return $10.95
IRS Payment Plan $7.99

Prepare your 2023 taxes today and get your refund in less than 21 days

Basic Package
Our Basic Package features:
  • Unlimited E-mail / Live Support
  • Unlimited W2 forms
  • Interest / Unemployment Income
  • Free Electronic Filing
Deluxe Package
In addition to the features of the Basic Package:
  • Above the Line Deductions
  • Itemized Deductions
  • Retirement Income
  • Dependent & Child Tax Credits
Premier Package
In addition to the features of the Basic and Deluxe Packages:
  • Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Business Income
  • Rental Income
  • Stocks and Capital Gains
Platinum Package
In addition to the features of the Deluxe and Premier Packages:
  • Income from S-Corpororations and LLCs
  • Income from Partnerships and Trusts
  • Tax Professional Review

Why LateTax Provides Superior Service

Free Live Tax Advice

Dedicated tax professionals are available to you by phone or live chat to speak with you about any matters regarding your tax return.

Get Live Help

Professional Review

Your tax return is automatically reviewed by one of our tax professionals for errors and inconsistencies. We also offer the Professional Review option if you need us to look at your return for potential audit triggers and additional deductions or credits that you may deserve.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We at pride ourselves in our service and outstanding tax support. We offer a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.