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Have the IRS on your back due to unfiled returns?

You can start now and get your unfiled returns prepared through our system. If you owe the IRS, we can get you set up with an IRS payment plan.

Our easy to use system guides you step by step, and through our expert tax advice, you can to minimize your tax liability.

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Remember, everything with the IRS is negotiable. Our Latetax professionals have extensive tax knowledge and are experienced at dealing with the IRS. IRS requirements are complicated and owing back taxes can be especially alarming for the layman. How can you be sure you’re not giving a wrong answer that will make your case even worse? Don’t attempt to make your way through the thicket of IRS rules and regulations without the guidance of our experts! If you’re intimidated by the IRS, there’s no way you can effectively negotiate them. LateTax can. Let us resolve your back tax problems. You should not put your financial life in jeopardy without help from the best.

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Here's an outline of our process, which ensures you the best possible result in your dealings with the IRS:

  • Don’t Pay Any More Than You Owe - If you did not file a return for the year that the IRS is collecting on, then you should file your tax return with us before you do anything else. Our system provides you with all available credits and deductions to ensure that the IRS has not overcalculated your tax owed for that year.
  • Settle Back Tax Debt - LateTax can help resolve your back tax debt. Our experienced IRS negotiators will help arrange an Offer in Compromise that lets you settle your debt for a reduced amount; they will assist you to achieve Currently Not Collectible status which will prevent the IRS from trying to collect, and find an Installation Agreement that works for you.
  • Reduce IRS Penalties - We will work hard to arrange a penalty abatement that reduces the penalties you owe on your back taxes, especially if exceptional circumstances such as a death in the family, the destruction of your home, or a similar trauma have put your tax delinquency beyond your control.
  • Stop Tax Liens, Levies, and Seizures - Our tax experts can stop tax liens and levies before the IRS ruins your credit or seizes your property. We can appeal the lien or levy or issue a Stay of Collections while we negotiate an Installation Agreement or Offer in Compromise that you can afford.
  • End Wage Garnishment - Unless you are able to live on $179 a week, let LateTax negotiate a full or partial release of the IRS’s hold on your paychecks. In return we’ll find an affordable Installation Agreement or Offer in Compromise.

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